Seasonal Salad
Nasi Goreng
Stone grilled Angus steak
Crepe with vanilla and forest fruit Suzette

Available Tuesday to Friday (except holidays) at lunchtime. Minimum two people.



‘el elefante’ Salad
Tuna Salad
Roquefort Salad
Mâche Salad with warm balsamic vinegar dressing
Goat’s cheese Salad
Cucumber and Dill Salad
Chicken Salad


Sauteed Oyster mushrooms
Anchovies from the north
Truffled duck liver pâté
perfumed with apple liquor (“Calvados”)
Andalusia squid
“Padrón” peppers
Ox Carpaccio with parmesan cheese
Baby broad beans with squid in their ink
Baby broad beans with “Jabugo” cured ham
and Romesco sauce
Iberian acorn raised cured ham


Grilled Angus Entrecote
Angus Entrecote with “Cabrales” goat’s cheese
Angus Entrecote “a la Café de Paris”
Rump steak with onions and mushrooms
Stone grilled Galician veal steak
Stone grilled Angus steak
Special ‘el elefante’ Brochette
Sirloin fillets with Curry
Sirloin fillets “a la Café de Paris”
Grilled Sirloin
Sirloin in peanut sauce
Sirloin with a hat of Foie “al Pedro Ximenez”
Fillet of Iberian Pork with port wine and thinly sliced apples.
Steak Tartar
Magret of duck with baby onions and raspberry sauce


Nasi Goreng (Fried rice with meat brochette in a peanut sauce)
Mie Goreng (Fried noodles with vegetables and minced meat)
Sesame Rice (Fried rice with minced meat, perfumed with sesame oil)
Curried Rice (Fried rice with minced meat and curry)
Chicken curry (Chicken with green and red peppers in a curry sauce)
Akyan Thay (Ox meat with sauteed vegetables)


Donostian style Cod
Cod “supremes” with slivers of “Jabugo” cured ham and shrimp
Grilled Sole
Sole Meuniere
Oven baked Salted Cod
Salted Cod with honey and shrimp
Sea Bass in champagne
Sea Bass “a la espalda” (split up the middle and grilled)
Sea Bream with fine herbs
Sea Bream “a la espalda” (split up the middle and grilled)